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 Sustainable Brand Index™ is The Nordics’ largest brand study on sustainability. It measures the perception of stakeholders on a brand’s sustainability across sectors and countries. Next to a yearly brand-ranking, Sustainable Brand Index™ provides sustainability insights into markets, behaviours and stakeholder groups. The study has been conducted annually since 2011 from a consumer perspective (B2C) and for the first time in 2017 from a business-to-business perspective (B2B) in Sweden.


The purpose of Sustainable Brand Index™ is to visualise the value of sustainable branding and increase the knowledge on sustainability within branding and communication. By motivating, inspiring and providing a concrete tool, we encourage companies to improve their work and dare to communicate. Sustainable Brand Index™ is an independent study that gives companies tools to drive the sustainability work forward through branding and communication.

Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C is The Nordics’ largest independent brand study focused on sustainability. Based on more than a 1000 brands and over 40000 consumer interviews in the Nordics and The Netherlands, the study looks at how sustainable brands are perceived to be, why they are perceived this way and what to do about it. The study also includes a comprehensive trend analysis, consumer behaviour analysis and strategic recommendations.

Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C consists of the following parts.

  • Trends & Future Analysis

Review of what has happened in the rest of the world and on the market over the last year, and, above all, the emerging trends we see in each industry.

  • The Sustainable Consumer

A mapping of who the sustainable consumer is, what drives and hinders sustainable behaviours, and emerging consumption patterns.

  • Brand Analysis Focusing on Sustainability

Evaluation and analysis of how sustainable each brand is perceived, why it is perceived so and how it should be handled in the best possible way.

Sustainable Brand Index™ CONSISTS OF 4 PARTS: 


The most important future trends within sustainability



Analysis of your stakeholders’ attitudes & behaviours


KPIs and in-depth analysis of the sustainability level of your brand 


Strategic recommendations for building a sustainable brand


Sustainable Brand Index™ is an independent study consisting of more than 1 000 brands and over 40 000 stakeholder-interviews in The Nordics & The Netherlands. The study maps out and analyses the areas of sustainability, branding and communication. Sustainable Brand Index™ is founded in 2011 and has been conducted yearly ever since.

  • The Selection of Brands 
    Sustainable Brand Index™ is an independent and based on the following factors: market presence in the concerned country, turnover and general brand awareness. There is a possibility for brands within the selection frame to buy a tailored strategy report. However, it is not possible to pay to be included in the study.

  • The Target Group / Stakeholders
    For each study of Sustainable Brand Index™ a specific target groups is defined. Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C focuses on country-specific consumers of the age of 16 years and older. The selection in each country corresponds to the demographics of that country. It is a nationally representative sample of each country. Sustainable Brand Index™ B2B focuses on decision-makers in the B2B-market that carry the responsibility for purchasing and procurement of goods and services within the selected industries.

The Basis of the Evaluation 
In Sustainable Brand Index™ the concept “sustainability” is based on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals together with the the UN Global Compact’s 10 principals about environmental and social responsibility.

Discover about about the methodology behind Sustainable Brand Index™ in our Q&A:


official reports

The official reports of Sustainable Brand Index™ can be downloaded for free and contain key sustainability insights and a brand-ranking, highlighting the top 10 most sustainable brands and industry winners.


Your strategy report

Based on data from Sustainable Brand Index™ we create a tailored strategy report for your brand. You get a complete analysis of your brand from the Sustainable Perspective.

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