ON THE ROAD: Amsterdam - April 19

LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
DATE: April 19th 2018

The team is heading to the Netherlands for the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index Award Ceremony. Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. A great location! We start at 7 pm tonight. Don´t miss it! 

Pakhuis de Zwijger

A quick look at last year´s result shows that the number of Dutch consumers saying that sustainability affected their purchasing decision and choice of a brand was actually a bit higher than in the Nordic countries. Will we see the same result this year? 


The team has arrived in Amsterdam! We are at Pakhuis de Zwijger preparing for the event tonight. Weather is great and people are happy.


Some fun facts about the Netherlands:

  • They have a national strategy to become circular 2050. Read more here.  
  • Dutch inventor Boyan Slat founded the Ocean Cleanup 2013. Launching a revolutionary way to clean the oceans from plastics and garbage. Read more here
  • Sustainable Brand Index in the Netherlands boosts approximately 150 brands this year! Read more here.  

Preparing for the event. Going through the agenda and our roles. 

In Amsterdam

Less than two hours before the big ceremony! We have rehearsed with Harm Edens, who will be tonight´s moderator, leading you through the Award Ceremony. Country Manager Annemarije Tillema is all set to hand out awards to the most sustainable brand in the Netherlands. 

April 2018 marks the launch of the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index. The Nordics' largest brand study on sustainability is based on 40.000 consumer interviews, 900 brands and 5 different countries. Who will be able to call themselves the most sustainable brand of 2018 according to consumers? Follow the team on the road in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Amsterdam for the yearly awards ceremonies. 

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