ON THE ROAD: Helsinki - April 11


LOCATION: Helsinki, Finland
DATE: April 11th 2018

Waking up to a beautiful day in Helsinki, with a bit of nerve and a LOT of excitement. After a successful event in Oslo yesterday, we are more than ready to continue our Nordic tour, and present the most sustainable brands in Finland today. The Sustainable Brand Index 2018 Award here in Finland will be held at Finlandia Hall at 16.00. Finlandia Hall is a dynamic congress venue with a core in sustainability, and it is not an exaggeration to state that it is a landmark venue in Helsinki.

With a few hours left to the event, we meet up today's moderator, Minna Rajainmäki, for lunch and a prep-meeting. Minna is the founder and CEO of Rodinia, a Finnish communication bureau with with an expertise in sustainable development. She will contribute with her valuable skills and a Finnish business perspective during today's Sustainable Brand Index 2018 Award.

Eva and Erik check out the ranking of Sustainable Brand Index 2018 for Finland. Launch at 16.00 today at Finlandia Hall or at livestream (link below). 

SB Insight marketing guru Eva works hard in order to prepare for today's Sustainable Brand Index Award in Helsinki

SB Insight marketing guru Eva works hard in order to prepare for today's Sustainable Brand Index Award in Helsinki

We are getting ready and will go live at 16.15!
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Congratulations Valio!
For the fifth year in a row, the Finnish consumers have selected Valio as the most sustainable brand in Finland! What an achievement! In the top three we also find Koti-maista (#2) and Fazer (#3). 

But what about the market? Has it developed since last year? Well, yes. For example, an increasing portion of the Finns thinks that Finland will be a better country to live in in the future. Finland shows the strongest increase out of all the Nordic countries on this parameter. However, the levels are the same as in 2015. In 2016 and 2017 we saw a drop in levels as a back-lash of political unstability, high unemployment numbers and the migration situation. Also, 70% of the Finns state that sustainability impacts their purchases; a number that is increasing in the long-term perspective. 

So how about the Sustainable Development Goals? Well, for Finns, Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12) is the most important goal to prioritise for companies according to consumers. In second place, we find climate change (Goal 13), and in third place Decent work and economc growth (Goal 8)

For those of you who could not attend the Sustainable Brand Index Award in Helsinki tonight, check out the live-stream at Periscope @sustbrands. And do not miss the chance to take part of plenty more interesting insight by downloading the official report for Finland here.

April 2018 marks the launch of the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index. The Nordics' largest brand study on sustainability is based on 40.000 consumer interviews, 900 brands and 5 different countries. Who will be able to call themselves the most sustainable brand of 2018 according to consumers? Follow the team on the road in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Amsterdam for the yearly awards ceremonies. 

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