Sustainable Brand Index™ is an independent three-part study, based on desk research and two qualitative web-surveys. On top of that, we add our analysis. 

Key Facts:

  • Interviews/Brand: Every brand is evaluated by at least 1000 people. In total over 1000 brands are evaluated by more than 40 000 people in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. 
  • The Selection of Brands is independent and based on the following factors: market presence in the concerned country, turnover, market share and general brand awareness.
  • The Target Group is defined as follows: The public - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Dutch consumers, 16 years and older. The selection in each country corresponds to the demographics of that country. It is a nationally representative sample of each country. 
  • The Basis of the Evaluation is the UN Global Compact’s 10 principals about environmental and social responsibility. This is supplemented with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also a so-called external definition focusing on the consumers’ perception of sustainability - their expectations and demands on companies today.