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2018 CHANGES - Sustainability Trends, Behaviours & Brands

In the preparations for Sustainable Brand Index 2018, we have interviewed a number of our customers to get a clearer picture of what areas we need to improve. Based on this, and our reflections, we have landed in the insight that we need to change the following:




We need to focus more on tracking consumer behaviours – both current and future ones. This means being able to predict future needs and demands of our customers. In all this, we will also evolve our four Behavioural Groups (Ego, Moderate, Smart & Dedicated) and break them down into smaller segments.


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We also need to start looking more into the future, not only what has happened and is happening today within sustainability. We will put significantly more emphasis on trends and future developments within sustainability to help you plan your business even better. This means that we will look further out in the world as well, unveiling relevant trends, cases and changes on the markets.




Finally, we will also switch focus from the text details in the report, to instead provide in-depth insights and recommendations for your brand. We will connect all trends and developments in the report to your brand, meaning we will always ask “what does this mean for your brand?” We will switch from todaýs general recommendations to presenting long-term strategic options and path ways for your brand. Our aim is for you to use them in your business plans and strategy work.

Apart from the above, there will be a lot of additions and changes in the different report chapters. For example, more insights on the Sustainable Development Goals and new Sustainability Focus Areas in your industry. Please let us know if you want more information about these details.