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Sustainable Brand Index™ selects brands independently based on a set of parameters every year. Brands cannot choose to be included or left out of the study. However, they can learn from the results. For every brand included in the study, Sustainable Brand Index™ offers the possibility to order a tailored strategy report, with brand specific parameters, drivers and insights. The strategy report is the ultimate tool for sustainability communication and business development.

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We had a challenge in identifying how sustainability was meant to be measured within the Telecom industry and our own organisation. When we scanned the market to find an actor that could help us, we were in contact with several consulting companies. However, we decided that partnering up with Sustainable Brand Index™ was without a doubt the best option. They hold an expertise in sustainability and consumer research that we really value and they are the ones who can offer the in-depth insights we are looking for. Sustainable Brand Index™ gives us value for money.

— Johanna Wånge, Customer Experience Manager Telia
Sustainable Brand Index™ is an important tool for us at Apoteket. The study highlights sustainability in a way that is relevant and creates interest among stakeholders in society. Our tailored strategy report has been crucial for our development in recent years – both internally and in the official ranking. The rigorous insights in the report are valuable and give us a solid foundation to work with both our brand and our communication.
— Anders Rynnel, Brand & Insight Director, Apoteket



Their Challenge

Telia faced the challenge of identifying how environmental sustainability was meant to be measured within the Telecom industry and own organisation. When mapping out their needs, three important dimensions were identified; consumer perception, materiality and relevance. Telia decided to scan the market for an external supplier who was able to fill this knowledge within the organisation and their choice landed on Sustainable Brand Index™.

our collaboration

Telia purchased a Strategy Report from Sustainable Brand Index™ in 2018 for their Swedish market. The insights helped them identify the most important focus areas around sustainability within the telecom market. The following year, Telia decided to request a Strategy Report for their brand in the entire Nordic Market. It has become an essential management tool for Telia and their Management Group has adopted Sustainable Brand Index™ as a KPI in their business strategy.

In collaboration with Sustainable Brand Index™, Telia has been able to design a tailor-made research to fit these needs. The Strategy Report first of all generates enormous amounts of market insights and brand specific data. Sustainable Brand Index™ furthermore offers the possibility to customise the research design in order to provide more relevance, for in this case Telia’s specific challenges. Results are presented in a detailed report, supported by data visualisations, key findings and strategic recommendations. At delivery, Sustainable Brand Index™ also provides presentations and workshops to help Telia’s team gain a deep understanding of the results.

Sustainable Brand Index™ did a great job in helping us identify goals and KPI´s for our sustainability journey. They presented three possible scenarios, which made it easier for us to choose a path.
— Johanna Wånge - Customer Experience Manager, Telia

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