Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C is a brand study on sustainability within the business-to-consumer market in The Netherlands. The study is based on research among Dutch consumers and shows how brands are perceived within environmental and social responsibility. Discover the official ranking and download the official report for more sustainability insights into industries, stakeholders and brands.


Official Ranking 2019

Top 20

  1. Tony’s Chocolonely

  2. Greenchoice

  3. Zonnatura

  4. Tesla

  5. ANWB

  6. NS

  7. IKEA

  8. Philips

  9. Eneco

  10. Campina

  11. Albert Heijn

  12. Alpro

  13. The Body Shop

  14. ASN Bank

  15. Arla

  16. Becel

  17. Becel Pro Activ

  18. Landal GreenParks

  19. Lidl

  20. Triodos Bank

Industry Winners

Tony's Chocolonely
Albert Heijn
ASN Bank
Landal Greenparks
La Place
Van Der Valk


Food & Beverage
Travel & Leisure


Official Report 2019


The official report shows the complete ranking of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2019 The Netherlands and contains the overall developments within sustainability on the Dutch B2C-market.

Download the official report for free and gain access to:

  • Official Brand Ranking 2017-2019

  • Key Sustainability Insights

  • Consumer Attitudes & Behaviours

  • Methodology


About The Winner

Tony’s Chocolonely has been announced as the winner of Sustainable Brand Index™ in The Netherlands for the second time in a row. Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch chocolate brand that has been newly added to the study this year. With a strong focus on slave-free chocolate and fair trade principles, the Dutch consumer gave Tony's Chocolonely the highest score in environmental and social sustainability compared to all other brands. The chocolate brand is leading the overall ranking and the Food & Beverage industry it is part of. 

The main reason Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2003 is to change the fact that child labor and modern slavery is happening on cocoa farms in West Africa. Now in 2018, Tony's Chocolonely has sold over 28 million chocolate bars worldwide. The brand is setting an example for the entire industry on how to work towards a more evenly distributed supply chain and 100% slave-free chocolate.

We want to lead by example and this award is a recognition for the effort. More importantly, it helps to inspire others to joins us and change the chocolate industry. It’s also a recognition for the more social side of sustainability.
— Ynzo van Zanten, Chief Evangelist Tony's Chocolonely

Sustainable Brand Index™
According to The Dutch Board of Advisors


The Ranking Score

The ranking score is a combination of both environmental and social responsibility, based on the definition of sustainability according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The score is assembled through a top box-method, consisting of awareness levels and positive attitudes of stakeholders. The total score for each area of sustainability is 100%. Thus, a brand can receive 100% for environmental responsibility, and 100% for social responsibility, adding up to a maximum score of 200%.


The Brand Selection

Per country, brands are selected yearly across a variety of sector, based on a set of independent parameters. Parameters include: market share on the respective market, turnover and general brand awareness. Brand cannot choose to be included or exclude from the study and the annual result of Sustainable Brand Index™ are open to the public.