Sustainable Brand Index™ is Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability and is being conducted yearly. The official ranking of Sustainable Brand Index™ shows how brands are perceived in terms of sustainability by their important stakeholders. Discover all official rankings and results of Sustainable Brand Index™ here by selecting your country.

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The Ranking Score

The ranking score is a combination of both environmental and social responsibility, based on the definition of sustainability according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The score is assembled through a top box-method, consisting of awareness levels and positive attitudes of stakeholders. The total score for each area of sustainability is 100%. Thus, a brand can receive 100% for environmental responsibility, and 100% for social responsibility, adding up to a maximum score of 200%.


The Brand Selection

Per country, brands are selected yearly across a variety of sector, based on a set of independent parameters. Parameters include: market share on the respective market, turnover and general brand awareness. Brand cannot choose to be included or exclude from the study and the annual result of Sustainable Brand Index™ are open to the public.

Curious if your brand is included in the ranking?


April marks the launch of the 2019 official results of Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C. Sustainable Brand Index™ is Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability. Who will be this year’s most sustainable brands according to the consumer? Over 1 000 brands across 5 countries have been analysed on sustainability by more than 50 000 consumers. Get your ticker here and gain access to the most relevant sustainability insights. Plus be the first to know who will be the most sustainable brands of 2019 in the Nordics & The Netherlands.