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Tailored strategy report

Sustainable Brand Index™ offers a tailored strategy report for your brand. Learn more about your position in the ranking and gain increased market knowledge of competitors, stakeholders and current trends in sustainability and how they affect your work. 
It is time to discover all important trends, behaviours and drivers affecting your brand from the sustainability perspective.


By ordering a tailored strategy report, Sustainable Brand Index™ can provide you with brand-specific data, tailored analysis and strategic tools. In doing so, Sustainable Brand Index™ encourages you to improve your sustainability work and dares you to communicate about sustainability. The report provides you with a complete analysis from the sustainability perspective and can be used as a tool for deciding what needs to be done, as well as how it should be carried out. You can also follow-up and evaluate the effect of your work and how perception changes.


Why get a strategy report?


Curious if a strategy report is available for your brand?

Sustainable Brand Index™ focuses on large brands across a variety of sectors and interviews over 50 000 stakeholders every year. Brands are selected yearly across a variety of sector, based on a set of independent parameters. Parameters include: market share on the respective market, turnover and general brand awareness. Brands cannot choose to be included or exclude from the study and the annual result of Sustainable Brand Index™ are open to the public. 

What is Included?

The strategy report of Sustainable Brand Index™ consists of interconnected chapters that are crafted to give
you in-depth sustainability insights into your brand, market, stakeholders & competitors.


CHAPTER 1: Sustainable Brand Assessment

We show you how your brand is perceived on sustainability and explain the ‘why’ behind the ranking. We cover all materiality areas in your industry and show how you and your competitors score on all different aspects of sustainability.

CHAPTER 2: Consumer Behaviour Tracking

We provide you with insights into our behaviour groups, constructed on our years of data gathering. Find out how important stakeholders behave, value and see the future. We also analyse more than 75 sustainable behaviours and the development of these over time.

CHAPTER 3: Trends Affecting Sustainable Branding

We provide you with the upcoming trends and developments relevant for your brand and industry. We cover both global and local trends, that are relevant today and over the coming years.

CHAPTER 4: Analysis & Strategic Recommendations

Finally, we summarise all trends, behaviours and brand-specific data insights and provide you with an in-depth strategic analysis. Our recommendations are tailored to your conditions and based on a long-term perspective for your brand.


Discover all data-driven insights and recommendations, including numerous graphs and visuals.

Share the main findings with your team with a short and to-the-point summary.

Dive deeper into the findings with us and ask all your questions in an interactive presentation.

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